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How do I install E-marine?
The package comes complete with an installation manual or you can contact one of our installation stations

There is nothing to see on the display
The display is in sleep mode. Press any key to activate the display.

I do not receive an SMS message when the alarm is given
– Have you already authorized your GSM number? – Have you activated the detection of the particular alarm at “sensors” (settings menu)? – Have you switched off “test mode” (settings menu)?

When I send a “status” or “position” I do not receive anything
– Have you already authorized your GSM number? – Is your cell phone number secret? if so, you will have to change this for the system to work properly. The E-marine must be able to recognize your cell phone. Consult the service desk or your GSM provider

My GPS theft alarm goes off, but my ship has not been moved
Set the alarm radius to a larger radius (advanced menu, GPS settings)

I receive an SMS message as soon as I switch off the main switch
The E-marine has an internal back-up battery. If you switch off the main switch and thereby disconnect the E-marine from the on-board battery the E-marine will measure the voltage of this battery as 0 Volt and send an SMS message with the text “low battery voltage”.Possible solution: connect the E-marine before the main switch. (Do not forget to use a separate fuse for the E-marine.)

Why is the SIM-card factory default placed in the BDS/BMS-module
Experience has taught us that most failures of a boat security systems are SIM-Card related. We mention here below a few of the possible mishaps, for your perusal: Wrong PIN codes Insufficient calling minutes on the prepaid card Incorrect GPRS-adjustments Number unknown Data traffic impossible Not available for remote support Etc. In order to avoid such malfunctions we have ourselves cont(r)acted a SIM provider, which offers the following advantages: SIM adjustments are always correct There will be no troubles on account of “empty” prepaid cards The network is top quality (KPN = official Dutch Telecom) An annual fixed subscription fee for the customer Always available through our own internet server, as the SIM numbers are immediately entered into our database

How can I sign the BMS/BDS system?
1:Go to the Internet page and click on the button “REGISTER” If you register for the first time, please got to “NEW CUSTOMER” >>Register

2:Then follow the instructions given on the Internet page.

3:Please write down the Serial number of the BMS (on the backside) and the SIM-card number (on the white plastic card) below: These information is required during the sign-on procedure.

4:The SIM cards will be activated within 2 days after registration and after receipt of the prepayment for one year’s subscription.

There’s no GPS position / Bad GPS reception / Theft events

.1 is the GPS aerial mounted horizontally?

.2 Does the GPS aerial have free sight to the sky? (no large metal objects close next to the aerial and no metal above the aerial)

.3 the cable to the aerial forms no coil?

.4 Remove the connector of the aerial from the module and clean it. Attach the connector firmly.

BDS 01/02 Important note.

Please Ignore the enclosed wiring diagram

Green wire > 12 Volt – and NC
Brown wire > 12 volt +
Yellow wire > NC

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