• SIM card subscription
  • Alarm centre “TRACE YOURS” subscription
  • Track & trace via internet “FLEET GUARD” subscription

SIM card subscription

The SIM-card is factory default fitted in both the BDS and BMS modules. The subscription charges include usage of SMS messages**.
subscription for usage inside Europe: € 104,- per annum*
subscription for usage worldwide: € 208,- per annum*

Control room “TRACE YOURS” subscription


This service offers professional and action when intrusion of theft occurs. When the alarm message is received, the location of your boat is precisely known. and adequate action will be taken to return the boat to the owner.

Trace yours EU*:

subscription for authorized usage within Europe*** € 208,- per annum

Track & trace via internet “FLEET GUARD” subscription

Specially for the management of 1 or more boats via your personal Internet page. You have access to the route history via Google Maps and further all settings and all types of alarms can be viewed on this page.

FLEET GUARD*:Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 10.49.58

internet tracking system, € 104,-
can be used worldwide: per annum
* These subscriptions are only available in combination with the SIM-subscription
** Based on fair use policy.(please read the terms of delivery)
*** Worldwide action only will be initiated when the alarm message is coming from the authorized area.
Note: all prices quoted above are exclusive of VAT.
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