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Behind the concept is a unique collaborative effort shelter: Mondial Assistance, MPL Communications Alarm & Central from Nijkerk and E-Marine, a Dutch company that operates internationally with engines and technical nautical accessories for pleasure boating. On the basis of this cooperation is an ingenious alarm system for onboard a yacht. The device is coupled to GPS (Global Positioning System), a global positioning system with the help of satellites) and equipped with various sensors. Once the ship without the knowledge of the owner changes location, the alarm goes off and the alarm is activated. The special feature is that through the so-called ‘tracking and tracing – system “central to the MPL can fix accurate to a few meters where the ship is located. MPL as Pariculiere alarm is registered and certified NCP Borg, and therefore in the Netherlands direct access to the police authorities and so could be quickly intervened.

Special certificate
Given the alarming rates of theft and burglary at marinas was a tracking and tracing application on boats obvious. In many marinas there is little or no supervision, especially in winter months it is usually quiet and deserted. Boat owners see themselves therefore faced with ever higher premiums to insure their precious possession. Insurers are reluctant to insure boats and boat owners to designate their responsibility. And so provides E-Marine. The Insurance Crime Vehicle (VBV) is now a hallmark in the field of security vessel created. It focuses on alarm and tracking systems and mechanical security, such as cables and locks. Demand is interesting to note that the installation is done by a certified installation company. Insurers, HISWA, ANWB, police, the Association of Outdoor Enterprises Netherlands Sailing Federation and the organizations behind this certification system. E-Marine was one of the first organizations to have received the certificate.

Strong arm
For MPL director Marcel Lenters Mondial is not unknown. For several years working Mondial MPL and all closely related to Volvo On Call, the telematic system from Volvo including for tracking and tracing of stolen cars.

“For us it is a matter of course to follow all reports Mondial Netherlands abroad. In the emergency center are more than 15 languages ​​spoken. Thereby directly contact the owner of a boat can be made, irrespective of his nationality. Indeed, it is important that there is acted quickly. Mondial Netherlands checks if there is a real theft or burglary alarm and then turn the local authorities. That is done through the local branch Mondial. ”

The comprehensive protocol for the assistance has been translated into several languages ​​and all staff involved in these various locations discussed and tested. Customers are among others informed through SMS messages about the position of the vessel. “Through a password-protected website, the customer can follow his boat through the GPS. The position, speed and direction, “said Marcel Lenters. “Once the center but is faced with a serious theft complaint is that information immediately blocked. This is to prevent the owner – with or without some help from friends- there himself goes on to retrieve his precious possession. That is a job that you can leave it to the professionals. MPL has previously made in the draft agreement with ABS.

From the couch
Besides burglary and theft reporting system has so much more capable. It may report a fire and if required also gives off a frost alarm. But even mention water in the hold or a dead battery can be detected by the sensors. The expansion possibilities are also enormous. So you can, if desired, from your armchair at home on the heater control board and the refrigerator on or off. That may seem like a luxury, but when approaching frost can prevent much damage on board. Home automation is the word.

What does it cost?
The price of E-Marine Boat Security consists of costs for the alarm system on board the vessel, and cost for the service. Installation on a large ship requires more sensors and is more expensive than a small jachtje. The service has many variants. Only burglar alarm to a whole range of alerts (fire, frost, water notification, etc.). Rates of E-Marine Boat Security systems range from € 695, / for a simple boat, and from +/- 1400, – € for a yacht with a value of € 1 million.

Posted on April 17, 2008 in nieuws

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